Fall Fundraiser Resounding Success

The focus of this year’s fundraising banquet on October 15th differed from year’s past -- expose the ministry to a new crowd of like-minded individuals. God blessed this effort, as over 80 first-time attendees added to the capacity crowd in the elegant banquet room at Lockkeepers restaurant.

God once again demonstrated His favor on True Freedom, as the Ohio Department of Corrections sent an inmate film crew from the Grafton Reintegration Center, and allowed two currently incarcerated prisoners to address our audience.  In additions to raising significant awareness, we were blessed to raise enough money to purchase a 15-passenger van through a generous $10,000 Matching Grant from the Dalton Foundation that was matched by an anonymous donor.  The vehicle will be used transport inmates to and from prison to job sites, as part of True Freedom’s Pre-Employment Work-Release Program, our newest initiative.  This van will also be used to convey those struggling with addictions to our weekly programming.

We passionately desire to make God’s glory known—to show men and women struggling with addictions that Jesus is the Living Water they desperately thirst for.  We want to meet with our clients daily, pouring into and discipling them in the Gospel, with the aim of bearing “fruit that will last,” by His grace (John 15:16).

God graciously gave True Freedom a building in April that will allow us to greatly expand the effectiveness of our ministry; however, the retrofitting of this building is not yet complete.  During the banquet, Malisse and Frank Sinito generously offered a $14,000 Matching Grant to raise the necessary funds to install a new HVAC system and windows.   We have already received $5000, but we still need another $9000 to activate this Matching Grant and complete this work before winter.

Would you prayerfully consider making an additional one-time donation to the building fund? Please call or email David Wessel at 1 (216) 202-3636 ext. 709 or DWessel@TFMOhio.com