Chaplain Rae Borders is Making a Difference

Praise the Lord for the work He is doing through Rae Borders! Rae serves as one of True Freedom’s chaplains at the Juvenile Justice Center. She has recently been asked by Jeff Bertram, from the Northeast Reintegration Center, to be the keynote speaker at the Volunteer Appreciation Meeting on November 30, 2016. The topic is, “Why volunteering is a form of leadership, and why it is so important in our community'.

This story, told by Rae Borders, will warm your heart.

“I ordered 24 bubblegum pink Bibles for House 5. These Bibles are given to those who show a sincere interest by reading the 'old Bibles' that are already on the house.

“A young girl, who has been reading John and Genesis for weeks, came to me 'all smiles' yesterday. She had the most exuberant smile! She normally has a violent temper. But yesterday she said across the room, ‘Ms. Rae, I repented last night! I repented and asked Jesus to be my Savior, all alone last night! And He saved me. Ms.Rae, He saved me.’

“She spoke across the room, overall her peers who heard her but didn't laugh or tease.”

What wonderful fruit His Word yields!

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