True Freedom Leading the Way in Re-entry Housing

Ohio Department of Corrections Director, Gary Mohr, invited True Freedom’s Chairman and Executive Director, Frank Sinito and Mike Swiger, to a private meeting to discuss revolutionizing the way Re-Entry housing is performed in the State of Ohio. With over 20,000 prisoners returning to communities across the state every year, there simply is not enough quality housing available.  The discussion centered on looking at the problem radically differently, with the tone of the meeting set by a question asked by Dalton Foundation Chairman, Ray Dalton, “Are we trying to help them transition out of prison or into society?”

True Freedom will convene a Re-Entry Housing Summit in early December to bring together a collection of people from both private and public agencies that will draft an action plan to address the epidemic problem.  “Currently, we transfer returning citizens from a sterile prison to a sterile halfway house,” Swiger said, “that in many ways is inferior.  The first step back into society should look more like a home than a barracks.”

Cuyahoga Country Executive, Armand Buddish joined in the discussion, pledging county support and a reduction in bureaucratic red-tape that acts as a barrier for meaningful change to take place.  “If we wait for the government to fix it,” Director Mohr said, “It will never get done.”  Then looking directly at Sinito and Swiger he added, “That’s why you’re here.  You have a track record of getting things done.”