Mike Swiger Goes Inside the Supermax


The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction recently reached out to Mike Swiger about a troubled inmate at the Supermax facility in Ohio. 

This individual, convicted of murder, went on to stab 44 fellow inmates, killing one, then attacking a correction officers, during his incarceration. The ODRC administration had run out of options for managing this inmate’s behavior. Mike Swiger was called in and spent 3 hours with this man. Swiger describes the encounter as “probably the most important ministry of my life. I was privileged to listen, share my story, and the Gospel. The inmate made a profession of faith and allowed me to lead him in a prayer of Salvation!! We serve an awesome God!”  

Since then, this inmate’s behavior dramatically improved, has written Mike letters, and he appears to be living a new life in Christ. Please keep him in your prayers.

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