MMA Fighter Joins Forces with TFM


Laboring faithfully among those incarcerated at the Juvenile Justice Center, Chaplain Jimmie Smith has built relationships with staff members and raised awareness in the community about True Freedom’s ministry to young people. In the providence of God, one local pastor remembered Jimmie’s work and the Lord created a powerful connection. What a glorious day it was when David Hill and Chaplain Smith joined forces at the Juvenile Justice Center!

The abuse David Hill suffered throughout his childhood motivated him to become a professional Mixed Martial Artist.  This skillset opened doors for him to appear in 35 action films and to host his own show called Boom on Spike TV.  Alcohol and drug abuse nearly killed David in 2010, but then God pulled him from the pit and saved him, dragging him from darkness into the marvelous light!


David now shares his story of transformation across the country at detention camps; juvenile halls; prisons; middle and high schools; recovery homes; revivals; the Salvation Army Dream Center in Los Angeles, CA; Teen Challenge; Victory Outreach throughout Texas; and in the streets, parks, and churches.  What a privilege it was to bring him into the Juvenile Justice Center here in Cleveland!

By the supernatural grace of God, connecting with those at the JJC was natural for David. Many of our juveniles could relate to his background. Fifty young boys heard his testimony. Walls fell, hearts melted, and 10 young men professed faith in Christ that day!

Chaplain Jimmie Smith also asked David to share his amazing story on 1220 AM The Word. Pray with us that seeds planted by our partnership with David Hill will bring forth much fruit for the glory of God.  Thank you for your generous support as we labor in this mission field.