Behold, the New Has Come


Recently nine young men were baptized at the Juvenile Justice Center. It is amazing to see God’s redeeming grace!  

One of the young men who accepted Jesus and was baptized became incarcerated because of hanging around bad associates on the streets. He was guilty of breaking and entering. Now the young man has three credits left to finish, and he will graduate from high school with his GED. He has a great love for animals and wants a career involving their care. He also has a job opportunity waiting for him. This young man comes from a single-parent home with three siblings, and he is excited about helping his family economically. He said he wants to make his mother smile and not cry anymore over his behavior!


Another one of the boys who accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior was 17 years old. He was a gang member accused of shooting the stray bullet that killed a nine-year-old girl while she sat in a car with her mother. He was extremely remorseful about the loss of her life. He finished his GED in jail, no longer fights in jail, and cooperates completely with the teachers and staff. This young man hopes to get out of jail. He now wants to go to church, play sports, and go to college. He seems to be a model inmate.

Thank you TFM partners for supporting this remarkable work. Please continue to pray for these young men as they follow Christ.