"More Stories from the JJC" By Chaplain Jimmie Smith


The grandson of a well-known, respected pastor is in jail for aggravated robbery. The 17-year-old says he was following the wrong crowd. Through our talks, the Lord has rekindled his passion for the Word. 

He is the only man in jail with a torn-up Bible because of reading and studying. I have one-on-one talks with him twice a week. He shares Bible verses with me and talks about the meaning of them. He realizes his mistake and says that jail has been good for him. I do not hear that every day!

I was also so blessed to hear a young man pray today. He prayed just like a veteran soldier from the Lord. He said he feels like he knows his purpose in life—to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His name is Emmanuel. I showed him my Bible, and he loved the maps section. Thank you, Jesus!  He blessed my soul!