"Within the Father’s Reach" By Chaplain Smith


A 10-year-old boy was found guilty of murdering his stepmother.  After meeting the young man, he was nothing like I expected.  He was well-groomed, spoke clearly, made good grades in school, sat up straight in his chair, read books, and talked about the characters in the books.  He even knew Bible characters and stories, and he shook my hand like a little man.  Rumor has it that this boy’s father influenced him to shoot and kill his stepmother.

When I talked with this boy about accepting Jesus as his Savior, I learned that he already professed faith in Jesus Christ and that he had even been attending a church. 

Please pray for this now 11-year-old who has been sentenced to ten years at the Cuyahoga Hills Boys Home in Cleveland, Ohio.  We know that God can reach him where he is and do great things in his life!


Mike Swiger

True Freedom Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to reaching people in jails and prisons, the homeless, the elderly in nursing homes, and those trapped in addiction, in Ohio, with the message of the true freedom that is found only in Jesus Christ.