"My True Freedom Family" By Inmate Louis


My name is Louis Fields, and I was first introduced to True Freedom Ministries through my participation in their forty-week Character Development and Leadership Program.  My mentor was Mr. Tom Spernoga, who was always down-to-earth and genuine as he shared his life experience with my group.  Growing up, I witnessed toxic masculinity firsthand and was influenced by it.  The positive weekly discussions dealing with topics such as family, trust, honesty, and responsibility helped to change my worldview of how a man should conduct himself.  Tom was kind and patient as the group developed and bonded.  I needed to see a man in leadership who wasn’t violent.


While I was attending the Character Development Program, I learned about a monthly mentoring Bible fellowship.  Deciding to attend has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Here I met Mr. Mike Swiger, Mr. David Wessel, Mr. Frank Scalish, and Mr. Ross White.  This group of men have had a life-changing impact on me.  I see the work of the Holy Spirit in them, and it has helped to grow my faith in Christ.  Mike Swiger has gone out of his way to reach out to my family member who is suffering from substance abuse.  Dave Wessel has relentless zeal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he constantly encourages me to keep Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection first in all I do.  Frank Scalish is an example of selfless service to the Lord.  The pleasure Frank takes in helping and serving is awesome.  Mike Swiger paired me with Ross White as a pen pal.  I am amazed by Ross’s commitment to walk faithfully before the Lord.

The exposure I have had to these men’s lives has increased my accountability to the Lord.  To see faith in action, not just in words, is inspiring.  I have learned that consistent character and behavior are possible.  I cannot imagine my life without my True Freedom family.