Jail Has Been Good to Me


by Chaplain Jimmie Smith

A 17-year-old said, “Jail has been good for me.” Now back in school in the 11th grade, he is bathing regularly, exercising daily, sleeping adequately, and eating normally. He has even gained enough weight to be considered normal for his size.  He told me his mother is proud of him. This young man dreams of becoming a semi-truck driver. Most wonderful of all, he met Jesus Christ and is now a student of the Holy Bible. He said to me, “Jail has been good for me!” Praise God! Jesus saves souls and rescues lives.

Please continue to pray for this young soul, that he would grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus as True Freedom Ministries walks alongside him.

Your financial support enables True Freedom to visit troubled teens in juvenile prisons in Ohio and to ultimately see youth become committed followers of Christ.