Powerful Testimony Encourages a Child

Sandy PociskBibleStudy.jpg

At our Thursday night addiction recovery meeting, Sandy Pocisk provides a Bible study for our clients’ children. Recently, God opened a door from the pain of Sandy’s past to bring hope to a hurting boy’s heart.

Billy (not his actual name) had not been to a Thursday night meeting for quite a while. When asked where he had been, he explained that Children Services and removed he and his brothers and sisters from their parent’s home and had been taken to live with his grandparents. Choking back tears, he shared his fear and uncertainty about his parents and his future. “Teacher Sandy” used the opportunity to share her testimony with Billy. 

Having been removed from her home, Sandy bounced around between three foster homes, before spending five years in a children’s home. She empathized with Billy’s fears because she had lived them herself. But God has woven a beautiful story of redemption through Sandy’s life. In surrendering her heart to Jesus, she found peace and joy in her relationship with Him. The journey hasn’t been easy— in fact, it has often been painful—but Sandy has found that God is faithful to never leave His children hopeless. When no one else shows love, God is love. He never abandons His children. Never!

With great love and compassion, Sandy shared her story with Billy and was blessed to pray with him. She (and we) stand amazed at the way God orchestrates our lives in order to bless and comfort others. 

Please pray with us for this young man, his family, and so many other children whose lives are filled with fear and apprehension. Pray that God will touch their hearts and thank Him that He uses our own brokenness to give others hope.