Channel 5 News features Mike Swiger and True Freedom Enterprises


True Freedom Enterprises was recently featured on the evening broadcast of Channel 5 news. Below is the article and video clip. 

Cleveland man who spent 17 years in prison is helping ex-offenders find employment

CLEVELAND - Mike Swiger runs True Freedom Enterprises. His goal is to find employment for ex-offenders after they’ve served their time. He said some employers are afraid to hire someone who has a troubled past. 

“The unemployment rate for ex-offenders is 75% after one year,” said Swiger. “We don’t care what you did; we care what you can do.” 

Swiger’s externship program connects people with opportunities 90 days before they’re released. He saw a need for such a program when he was incarcerated. 

He’ll spend the rest of his life connecting people with opportunity. 

Executive Director Mike Swiger was featured on Channel 5 News recently to discuss True Freedom Enterprises. This program is giving hope to those incarcerated by offering a second chance to find meaningful employment. We praise God for opening this door.

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