Hope through ALPHA


With great anticipation and the resounding clapping of hands, inmates at Northeast Reintegration Center warmly greet TF Women’s Chaplain, Rae Borders, facilitator of the ALPHA course. Why such a sense of expectation? They have come to learn of Jesus, light of the world, the One who sets the prisoner free! Here is what inmates are saying about the ALPHA course: “God is so real in my life anymore, and it is because people like you care for our souls.”

“God has sent you all to us. I now know that I can go to my Bible for instructions to live and that it is not my way but God’s way.”

“The Alpha Course has helped me to have a real relationship with God. Thank you for opening up my eyes to a new life that is better than anything I have ever known. I talk to my family and friends, hoping that they can be changed like me.”

The ALPHA course provides a basic introduction to Christianity. Over the past 5 years, God has changed many lives through TF’s use of this helpful teaching tool currently running in nine prisons spread across Northeast Ohio. Thank you, TF partners, for giving to the Lord so we can share His hope with the hopeless.