God Changes Lives


Ty, a sixteen-year-old drug dealer, has been in jail three different times since the age of fourteen for carrying a gun. Just before his third arrest, he was involved in a shootout on the streets of Cleveland, being hit three times in his right leg and foot. The surgery left a steel plate in right foot; he will never run again. Instead, he walks with a limp.

When True Freedom Ministries first met Ty, he told us he was not going to give up selling drugs.

His father and mother are both drug addicts and dealers. However, by our third meeting, and by the amazing grace of God, Ty said he was willing to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. This young man’s whole perspective on life has changed. Although a dropout at age 12, Ty now desires to return to school. He wants to stop selling drugs, and he dreams of a better life.

We praise the Lord for this miracle of a changed heart and a renewed mind.