Make a Special Year-End Donation to Help True Freedom Ministries Serve the Broken in Cleveland


True Freedom Ministries continues reaching the broken with the love of Jesus Christ. Recently, our chaplains touched a young man at Cleveland’s Juvenile Justice Center. This young man, arrested 17 times before he turned 16 years old, began selling drugs 10 when his mother set him out on the street corner in front of their house with a bag of marijuana. Two years later she put a gun in his hand to help him carry out his duty.

Can any of us relate to the bondage of growing up this way? Can anyone imagine the level of hopelessness and despair this young man -- and many others -- experience every day in our own city? By the grace of God, flowing through your generous support of True Freedom, one of our chaplains shared the hope of Jesus with this desperate young man. And now this soul wants to walk in obedience to our Savior, with the physical and spiritual support of the True Freedom Team.

Would your prayerfully consider making a special year-end donation to help us continue to serve the broken in Cleveland?