Mike Swiger Gives the Keynote Address at "Making Ohio Community Safer"


Mike Swiger gave the keynote address at the fourth annual Summit, "Making Ohio Community Safer" Conference. He spoke to the  4 pillars necessary to make inmates successful for re-entry and to help reduce recidivism.

This year's event provided yet another new layer to the solid foundation laid in previous Summits as we continued to build relationships, share ideas, and create possibilities where once there were no prospects. By cultivating an interactive network of community stakeholders, families and friends, and ODRC staff, the regional summits have produced leading-edge enterprises and life-changing initiatives. Together we persistently moving forward in our department's vision "to reduce crime in Ohio."

Our collaborative is a powerful force creating cultural change as we provide opportunities for successful reentry into our Ohio communities. Together we are changing the hearts and minds of those in our supervision as well as our home communities. We are welcoming rather than labeling in creating a climate contributing to the development of pro-social values and behaviors which are both tangible and sustainable. The cornerstone to this rehabilitative process is individuals accepting personal responsibility and their commitment to make those life-affirming changes by choosing a different path and positioning people for success.

Our mission to reduce recidivism among those we touch is accomplished through unity support, family interaction, offender buy-in and staff commitment. There is an opportunity to create new partnerships, reinforce prospects, cement relationships, and touch the lives of broken Ohioan families. We know there are pathways leading to success and together we can guide others on their journey home.

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