Are You in R.U.?

Every Thursday evening True Freedom Ministries hosts an addiction recovery program in the heart of the inner-city, called Reformers Unanimous (R.U.). 

“The only time you hear of 55th and Francis is on the news,” one attendee said.  But God has us right where he wants us.  Each week between thirty and forty people gather in the gymnasium behind our office to find support, accountability, and the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

"We utilize the Reformers Unanimous materials," says Gary Koly, Director of Ministries.  "It is the same material we use at Grafton, Lorain, Mansfield, and Richland Correctional Institutions.

Reformers Unanimous is a Christ-centered addiction recovery program that uses a unique Christian approach to equip addicts with the lifelong skills that brake addictions.  "It doesn't matter what you addiction is," Koly says, "Your addiction could be pills, needles, weed, booze, or pornography.  It doesn't matter.  The program helps you get straight and live straight."

This victory is obtained and retained not through an experience or ongoing effort, but through a once in a lifetime decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and a subsequent dedication to developing a dynamic love relationship with Him.  Please continue to pray for our Thursday Night RU Program and Service.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction, we meet weekly at 6114 Francis Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44127.