The Dalton Foundation Awards True Freedom a $20,000 Grant

“The ministry will implode under its growth,” said Ray Dalton, the Founder and President, of Parts Source and President of the Dalton Foundation, “Building a solid infrastructure is essential to supporting and sustaining the growing ministry.”

The Dalton Foundation awards True Freedom a grant for $20,000.  The money is to be used to modernize and upgrade the ministry’s corporate structure and to provide administrative support to under-gird the organization’s rapid growth.

The Dalton Foundation is a grant-making and program-based philanthropic non-profit that serves Northeastern Ohio and third-world countries abroad. The foundation exists to provide hope and effect positive change in the lives of women and children, those in need of healthcare and individuals returning home from incarceration, by developing strategic partnerships on a local, national, and global scale; reaching out effectively to “the least of these” in greatest need. For More information on The Dalton Foundation, please visit